Tara Fircak: is an attorney that according to Mr. Syphrett should not be trusted by members of the public.

Members of the Public May follow-up with Tara Fircak for Comments on this story by connecting with her on LINKEDIN HERE:

Tara Now works at Archer Greiner. If she has an adverse impact on your life due to her unethical or unprofessional work members of the Public can rate her work and warn the public here

Tara Fircak: participated in court actions that appeared to be unlawful to Mr. Syphrett including the creation of court orders that violated the U.S. Constitution, New Jersey Laws, Court rules and ethics guidelines.

This article is published here as a notice to the public that Tara Fircak may be the stereotypical lawyer who will do anything for a dollar. She can not be trusted according to our sources and she has the propensity to lie and damage innocent people when she deems it to be in her best interests (eg serves her career objectives).

Mr. Syphrett found Tara to be incredibly irresponsible, mean spirited, rude, and untrustworthy, he stated he would likely advise anyone looking for a credible lawyer to avoid any contact with this woman.

Factual Background

Tara Fircak

Served as law clerk to Judge John Call and retired Judge John Tomasello

Tara made false statements to John Tomasello in the matter of FM-03-790-14 that were completely false according to Mr. Derek Syphrett

For example when Mr. Syphrett was running late for a court date Tara Fircak fabricated a story about Mr. Syphrett claiming that he had malaria and would not be in court. The Judge then read this fabricated story into the record. When Mr. Syphrett arrived in Court with his powers of attorney and family members John Tomasello advised Mr. Syphrett that his law clerk had told him that Mr. Syphrett claimed to have malaria.

All of this was a surprise to Mr. Syphrett and his family who witnessed Mr. Syphrett’s call to the court.

On other occasions Tara Fircak was extremely rude on telephone calls and very discourteous to Mr. Syphrett, who was an attorney in fact simply trying to advocate for his rights and those of his beloved children (according to Mr. Syphrett).

On other occasions Tara Fircak refused to give Mr. Syphrett basic information about his own case while he was acting as attorney in fact.

It appeared to Mr. Syphrett that Tara Ficak was aware that her actions were obstructing justice, but the assignment Judge Bookbinder and the retired judge John Tomasello acting as judge in Mr. Syphrett’s Cases had apparently conspired with the law clerks involved to obstruct justice by barring Mr. Syphrett from his own hearing and continuing to take evidence and testimony without Mr. Syphrett Present.

As a lawyer Tara Fircak should have known or did know that by assisting the judge she was acting in an unlawful manner prohibited by attorney ethics, however, she fully participated in this scheme and as such it is obvious that she is the type of lawyer who appears to put her career objectives above the law, according to Mr. Syphrett.

Any comments or follow-up from others who have been victimized by Tara Fircak are welcomed as a lawsuit will be filed on behalf of the disabled Mr. Syphrett to ensure that Tara Fircak is held accountable for her role in violating Mr. Syphrett’s constitutional right to access the court and court records related to his own court cases.


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