The staff of nj court corruption is away and working on many projects currently, however we are very excited about the comments emails and phone calls we have received.

Feel free to send us articles, stories, complaints, court documents and we will happily post on your experiences with corruption and injustice in New Jersey courts. We remind you all that there is a federal law and responsibility to report all felonies even when state judges and lawyers are the alleged suspects.

Also stay tuned with regard to pending and planned federal court proceedings regarding New Jersey family court administration and probation misconduct.  It has become obvious to supporters of the site and family court victims alike that  judges and court will not attempt to fix the courts unless their misconduct is thoroughly exposed.

It is clear to us that unlawful activity in our courts has become the norm… It is unacceptable because children and adult lives are being destroyed by judges and attorneys that frankly don’t have a single moral out ethical fiber… we are clearly facing an evil that must be vanquished. It’s beyond ridiculous.

You can reach us at 609-638-6901 or contact a friend of the site at


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