Retired and Recalled Judge John Tomasello is a Liar



Please be advised in the matter of Bischoff v. Syphrett an FV matter. Retired and Recalled Judge John Tomasello continues to cover up his mishandling of the case and the case file.

The last motion filed requested clarifications and a response from the court for why the two motions I filed in June of 2014 and December of 2014 were missing from the case file and never considered or responded to by the court.

John tomasello claimed the motion filed by Derek Syphrett to get a response was argumentative, but he did not explain what portion or how specifically the motion was argumentative.

John Tomasello refused to explain why the documents were missing from Judge John Calls in camera review and why the motions remain unaddressed by the court.

John Tomasello refused to explain why he conducted a trial without Mr. Syphrett (the Attorney in fact, Defendant, and witness in fact present), while in fact Mr. Syphrett was unlawfully the subject of Judge Ronald E. Bookbinders (Judge Bookbinder) court order that prohibited Mr. Syphrett from appearing in the Burlington Court Facility

In otherwords: The Superior Court of New Jersey conducted a trial while prohibiting the Defendant from appearing in court and after the court removed motion papers from the file.

Clearly what occurred in Burlington County’s Superior Court of New Jersey is criminal and as citizens and as victims there must be a civil and lawful response that attempts to hold these scumbags accountable. A man should not be subjected to a guilty verdict when he is not allowed to be fully heard or to appear in Court, yet this is exactly what has occurred due to the crimes and misconduct of multiple court officials in Mercer County and Burlington County.

Mr. Syphrett has sent letters and made phone calls to get a response from court officials and employees and the court has hung up on Mr. Syphrett and refused to explain why the files he is requesting were removed from the case file prior to trial.

Sharyn Sherman the clerk / administrator for the family court has participated in the cover up and can not be trusted by the citizens of the state, because she clearly will do anything to assist the Judges in covering up their misconduct.

Mercer County Courts have attempted to arrest Mr. Syphrett and intimidate him with Sheriff’s Officers on multiple occasions (see earlier posts) and it has become clear to Mr. Syphrett that the court employees and judges represent a threat to Mr. Syphrett’s life.

Currently the court and probation are taking taking 60% of Mr. Syphrett’s permanent disability checks and leaving him with about $600 a month to live on, this doesn’t even cover Mr. Syphrett’s rent, and as a disabled person he can not simply find another job to make up the difference, yet somehow the state is impoverishing Mr. Syphrett in this manner by claiming its in the best interests of children, even though it could result in Mr. Syphrett’s homelessness or death due to poverty.

Further: the divorce matter of Wallace v. Syphrett was also conducted while Mr. Syphrett was prohibited from appearing in court and he was denied access to his children based on expert opinions from experts who never appeared in court or submitted reports to the court (eg. Fabricated evidence) Mr. Syphrett was denied the right to cross examine witnesses or review evidence and testimony submitted to the court, John Tomasello did this and refused to acknowledge that all of this was unlawful.

Meanwhile Mr. Syphrett’s children now do not know or get to see their father and an entire family has been devastated without due-process.

Surely this is not what family courts were created to do, and in fact this is not how the law or the court rules allow for the courts to be operated. Again: the responsible parties must and will be held accountable, especially when they are denying due process and access to the court to a disabled man who is impoverished only because of the misconduct of court officials in their individual and official capacities.

Our hope of course is the state will take remedial action and address the concerns that have been submitted to the court and avoid the embarassment of a multitude of embarassing federal lawsuits related to the above matters. However, we are not overly optimistic that these scumbags will address their misconduct, unless they are sued individually for their personal assets for violating the ADAAA… their is no sovereign immunity for the employees and officials involved because Mr. Syphrett is disabled and was disabled at the time of the conduct listed above.

It should also be noted that Judge Catherine Fitzpatrick and Judge Mary C. Jacobson violated many laws and court rules during the handling of the cases prior to the cases being transferred to Burlington without the recusal of the original trial judges.

The court has refused to explain to Mr. Syphrett under what authority or law the court transferred his cases from Mercer County without the recusal of the trial judges.

Additionally the court never provided the required response to Mr. Syphrett’s motions in limine regarding jurisdiction for a family matter that involved children and witnesses from Connecticut, the court never established that New Jersey was the proper venue and Connecticut courts have informed Mr. Syphrett that New Jersey was not the proper venue given that Mr. Syphrett’s children and their welfare liability resided in Connecticut at the time of John Tomasello’s purported final order (which is in fact void ab initio).

Stay Tuned… at some point the State of New Jersey will have to address Mr. Syphrett’s concerns, because they have put Mr. Syphrett in a position where he has no choice but to fight for his right to live a decent life with access to his disability income… perhaps if they hadn’t been so ignorant and greedy this story would not be making it into the news and federal court houses, but alas the greed of the New Jersey Courts and the Bar Association appears to be limitless, even when it means mutual destruction for all parties involved, plaintiffs, court officers, and defendants… clearly that is the case.

Mr. Syphrett is committed to the effort and has assured our site that his responses will remain ONLY civil and lawful, however, he intends to be fearless and assertive with regard to protecting his rights and his children from unlawful acts of the New Jersey Courts. He remains emotionally devastated to see that his own government has betrayed the law and the rights of children for the sake of making fraudulent claims to Social Security and fraudulent access to Title IV-D reimbursements (the process of issuing fruadulent child support orders in order to obtain federal funding from the federal government).

Again: Stay tuned in the coming months and years, many lawsuits are being prepared.


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