An outta state story of Dad Abuse



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Angry Father Gets Supervised Visitation

Share Your Story: Were You Treated Unfairly by the Family Court System?

From Just One More Dad In The Meatgrinder

Did your attorney make mistakes during your divorce? I had to fire my attorney after she over billed and stole my entire retainer.

Were you the victim of an unethical judge? The judge in my case refused to hear the piles of tapes and evidence proving my ex wife locked our daughter in her car seat in the garage overnight and emotionally abused both of our children as well as physically abused and endangered both children.

He granted full custody to her and instead of protecting our children, gave me supervised visitation and expensive classes to take while my ex continued to exhibit profoundly unstable behavior such as driving recklessly with the doors open and the children unbuckled. The judge was completely biased and needs to be removed from the bench.

What needs to change in the Family Court System? A greater emphasis towards Shared parenting and greater punishment for any attorneys failing to obtain mutual agreements from both parties in a reasonable time frame should be imposed.

Ive been trying for fair time with my children for five years. Also the child support system needs to not be allowed to get involved unless no payments have ever been made. My ex was allowed to file claims against me when I paid her cash for months and was not credited for it. Even now with child support taken directly from my check, they still have the power to freeze my account anytime they want my monthly arrangements or other financial obligations.

The current system has made my children resent me for not seeing them and the court has forbidden me from telling them that their mother is the one refusing to let me see them out of pure revenge and spite. Get with the times Sonoma county family court. Stop hurting fathers and children by sticking to status quo. Start doing whats right. Give fathers equal time. Those are our children too and we love them and care for them often times better than their mothers can.

Lessons Learned

Never get married without a pre-nup agreement regarding the children.


2 thoughts on “An outta state story of Dad Abuse

  1. Yup! same thing happened to me only in the Monmouth County Courthouse. A corrupt courthouse mediator called for Sheriffs Officers without provocation and then lied to a judge! They took away my parenting time just based of the words of one person. I am so dusgusted with this whole system.

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