“N.J. Judges Told to Ignore Rights in Abuse TROs”: A Retrospective Look at Vicious Restraining Order Policies 20 Years Later


Domestic Violence Litigation begins with violations of the N.J. Constitution and United States Constitution. The system needs reform as discussed below. False DV charges undermine the rights of REAL VICTIMS and the falsely accused.

Unfortunately sense courts and states get Federal Funding for issuing DV orders, all you have to do to understand the unjust system that exists is follow the money.

In the end DV law insults womens’ ability to file credible criminal charges for harassment or assault. If a woman has really been victimized the criminal code offers substantial protections, the law should not assume women lack the ability to file criminal charges, move to shelter, or meet a burden of proof in a jury trial. The flaws with the current system in NJ abound.


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