Former Client of Judge Catherine Fitzpatrick Describes Unethical Practice of Law


Evil Devil Lawyer


Judge Catherine Fitzpatrick was a Mercer county lawyer. As a lawyer she failed her clients, damaged children and destroyed fathers for profit, according to a former client.

Below is a description of her conduct by a former client (from West Windsor Plainsboro Today):

“My experience with Catherine Fitzpatrick was slightly different. She charged me less than $20,000 for my divorce but the damage she caused my children who were just 4 and 5 at the time of separation was beyond repair.

When I separated a few years ago, I had some issues with my ex-husband but nothing that should have caused me to file for divorce. He used little alcohol but was never drunk, no drugs and was never physically abusive to me. He got angry sometimes, but so did I, mostly due to the pressures of every day life.

Now I know better.

He is a good man who has always been very good to my children. What Fitzpatrick wrote in the divorce papers made him appear to be the No. 1 danger to my kids and to society. She wrote asking that he only receives supervised visitations, undergo psychological testing, anger management, AA, etc. and counseled me against allowing him to see or even talk to his own children for over 3 months “just to have an upper psychological edge” and bring him down to his knees.

Since separation took him by surprise, my ex did not learn how to file a motion to get some visitations until 2 months later. The children had to suffer from not seeing or talking to their father of over 3 months. Later, rather than counsel me to work things out with him on 50/50 custody, she kept insisting that giving him any overnights meant less child support money for many years and made my children to go through 3 grueling child custody assessments.

The children did not seem to be affected few years ago, but later I found out that they were deeply affected and were having self esteem issues from what I foolishly made them believe was abandonment by their father, as well as many problems learning at school and developed psycho-somatic problems like problems with speech and comprehension, emotional outbursts, fear of trusting people and making friends etc. I do not want to get into details but I feel horrible for what I put my ex and my children through for $150/week in child support money. A divorce lawyer should counsel her clients to do what is best for the children not be money hungry and destroy the lives of the children. Fitzpartick is not a good lawyer.”



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