Judge Catherine Fitzpatrick & Alleged Cronyism


 Crony King





A lot of Lawyers here in Mercer county have commented that my divorce Judge Judge Catherine Fitzpatrick became a presiding judge of the Family part incredibly quickly.

One lawyer John Hartmann revealed that she got the job because her husband was a high profile attorney for Stark & Stark. (John Hartmann is Judge Fitzpatrick’s cousin-in law.. Husbands Cousin).

Well for me the story was too compelling not to investigate – it ended with some tragic discoveries:

Story of the Presumed Judge Quid Pro Quo that bought Fitzpatrick’s Job:

1. Judge Fitzpatrick became a Judge in 2009 she became presiding judge of the Family Part in March 2010 (wow fast right).

2. Her husband is John Sakson of Stark & Stark.

3. Judge Smithison Retired (Former Presiding Judge of the Family Part) about March 2010 and took a Job at Stark & Stark (working for Judge Fitzpatrick’s Husband).


(a)Judge Smithison allowed his wife to sit on a jury as an alternate juror – the ACJC took no action but sent a letter telling him he shouldn’t do that! A wrist slap for misconduct was appropriate for the A.C.J.C. judicial disciplinary committee, because their job is primarily to cover up judicial misconduct rather than investigate it.

(b) Judge Smithison decided the Megan’s Law Case (he’s got juice).

4. Judge Fitzpatrick worked under Judge Andrew Smithison who was the presiding judge of the FP in 2009

5. THE SHOCKER: My wife’s attorney Jennifer Millner worked as a law clerk in the 80s for none other than Judge Smithison

Note Judge Fitzpatrick & Jennifer Millner also serve on a committee of the Mercer County Bar Association (Bench-Bar Committee). They actually discussed agenda items during my hearings and stated they would continue ex-parte discussions about issues related to my case at the Bench Bar’s next meeting.


It’s hard to have respect for a court system that runs on cronyism at the expense of the appearance of justice and integrity of the system.

Obviously the Judges and Lawyers do not place much emphasis on the appearance of justice or integrity, because if they did, stories like this would not be so common and not go un-investigated or reported.

This is just a small example of how our Judiciary has become the 3rd Branch of Government to fail the people. We are akin to prisoners of our own government than participants in it due to cronyism like this.

I’ve lost all respect for New Jersey and American Government, I really don’t believe the government officials care about anything else but fleecing their victims / ascending on the backs of honest poor people.


Summary & Conclusion:




My wife’s lawyer and my judge both worked for Smithson.

My Judge probably bought her position from Smithson in exchanged for giving him a no show job, around the same time Judge Jacobson was promoted to Assignment Judge – so she kept her mouth shut and probably owes Fitzpatrick a favor for that too.

Presumably: Everybody in my case was related via money or favors except for me lol.

Presumably: It follows / is likely that Judge Smithison traded favors for a Job at Stark and Stark that resulted in a unqualified lawyer Judge Catherine Fitzpatrick (per comments from her own clients) lawyer to become the Presiding Judge of the Family Part purely for political considerations and quid-pro quo favors to her old boss Judge Smithson.

Isn’t that quaint…

Very Truly,

A plebeian scumbag & Victim of Legal Cronyism

Serfs hoe



5 thoughts on “Judge Catherine Fitzpatrick & Alleged Cronyism

  1. What is the source of the information that Judge Fitzpatrick’s husband is John Hartmann’s cousin? Under NJ Court rules Judge Fitzpatrick would have to disqualify herself from any proceedings involving John Hartmann. John Hartmann has appeared in front Judge Fitzpatrick many times.

  2. If Smithson was ever the PJFP in Mercer, it was long, long ago. The PJFP’s have been: Fitzpatrick (2010) preceded by LeWinn (2006-2010) preceded by Forrester (1999-2006) preceded by Feinberg (1994-1999). Can’t say about the rest, but if there is a family relationship between Fitzpatrick and Devil Hartman, it does need to go to the Advisory Committee on Judicial Conduct and there’s a bunch of cases that will be subject to challenge / appeal.

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